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Why Waste Away?

What do... constipation, colds, the  flu, excessive weight,
body fat, high blood pressure, lack of energy, skin eruptions,
PMS, cellulite, lack of sexual energy, accelerated aging, tumors, degenerative diseases,
AIDS and premature death all have in common?
They All Stem from Accumulated Body Waste and Cellular Starvation!
Solution: Rid Your Body of Waste and Live!

 Powerful Herbal Nutraceuticals Super Foods -1 Synergistic Blend

The Keys to Life
Cleanse & Feed Your Cells "First" Empty your Gut!

To sustain life in the human body, two things are fundamentally important:
The human body must go through a thorough cleansing cycle every single day of its life.
2. The human body must be nourished with foods that are compatible with its'
Biological Mandate.

A complete detoxification program would aspire to accomplish the following:
Normalize stomach pH; aid pancreatic enzyme production; flush gall bladder and thin the bile; de-fat and decongest the liver; build intestinal micro flora; flush mucus and waste from the intestinal wall to free villi action and nutrient absorption; remove impacted colon fecal waste by stimulating peristaltic action; purify and build the blood; cleanse the urinary tract and promote fluid balance; promote lymphatic drainage; open skin pores; expectorate mucus from lungs, open respiratory passageways; diminish unnatural food cravings; curb the appetite while releasing you gradually from the bondage of addiction;stimulate a fervent desire for healthy food and healthy living.
Introducing Detox International Brand New Power Paks The Man,Woman & Children Power Pak is designed to overall the metabolism  from the brain downward. For the last 5000 years or more the most important parts of our bodies namely the brain and the endocrine system has been in a starvational tale-spin. We are experiencing the final chapters of that tale-spin. Aging (Diseases) is galloping at a speed of light.  Detox International has a way out of this metabolic trap with our Golden Trifecta of Wellness.

Advance Your Age Into A Timeless Body 

 What can You expect from Our Formulas:

  Building & Retaining Muscle
* Skin Elasticity Retainer
 * Eye Bag Reducer
 * Wrinkle Prevention
 * Anti-inflammatory
 * Male Menopause (Andropause) Reversed
* No PMS
*No Endometriosis
* Little to No Menopausal Discomforts
* Auto-immune System Boost
* Blood purifier
* Brain Health
* Brain Chemical Imbalance improvement
* Neurological Well Being
* Speech Disorders Improvement
* Memory Restoration
* Mental Clarity
* Parkinson Symptoms Improvement
* Cortisol Balance
 * Energy
* Prostate Health

      * Bone Health
    *  Improves A.D.D. & related Disorders
    * Anxiety/Stress Reliever 
    * Asthma & other Respiratory Disorders Resolved
    * Improves Symptoms of Autism
    * Protects against Colds / Flus
    * Protects against Dementia
    * Restores Bloods Sugar Balance (Diabetics Type I and II)
    * Protects against Depression
    * Protects against Emotional Imbalance
    * Insomnia relieved 
    * Low Energy / Fatigue eliminated 
    * Pain And Inflammation gradually goes away
    * Promotes Healthy Joints.
    * WEIGHT-LOSS a given
    * Heart Attack / Stroke Rehabilitation
    * Cardiovascular Health
    * And More...


The Basic Cleanse Nutrition Kit is the foundation of our wellness system,
all of our other products must be taken in conjunction with it.
Our Golden Recipe for Wellness

The Basic Cleanse/Nutrition Kit-Restoration Manna-Probiotic Magnum Force Humic/Fulvic Mineral Complex

An All Fruit Diet Helps

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